Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Site

Even a person who doesn’t stay up to date on internet trends has probably heard that mobile usage has exploded. Technology has grown so much that our mobile devices and tablets have the same functioning capability as a laptop or desktop computer. We as a country have become so dependent on our cellular devices that most people would not be able to successfully get through one day without theirs. Business Insider reported that mobile internet users will grow larger than desktop users this year, in 2014.

What does this mean for your website? Do you know what percent of your customers are visiting your website from their mobile device? Can customers properly navigate your website from a mobile or tablet device? By navigate, I mean make purchases, schedule appointments, or any other activity that has been set up on your site. After answering these questions, are you still not convinced that you need a mobile site? Below are some more reasons that explain how critical a mobile website is for your company.


Your Website Represents Your Company

A website is equally comparable to the physical storefront of a company. It gives customers a first impression of what to expect from that company. For example, when you walk into a store that is either really cluttered or has an appearance of being dirty, you would probably expect their products to be of the same quality. Why would a website be any different? A website serves as the virtual storefront for your company and sets your customers’ expectations.

There are many studies that suggest consumers are researching products and stores before making any type of purchase with that company. In fact 83% of consumers go online to research the product before going to the physical store to make a purchase. You want to be sure your website is frequently updated and viewable on a mobile device, so that these potential customers make the decision to buy from you (either online or in person).  Some effects such as Flash don’t work on mobile phones, leaving your customers wondering what that blank spot on your website is. If you whole site is done in Flash, you will send your customers running to competing store websites.

Social Media Encourages Mobile Traffic

According to Facebook, in 2010, there were more than 100 million people actively using Facebook from their mobile devices every month. If your company is doing any type of social post, you are likely to have mobile traffic on your site. If your site is not mobile, it is expected that your visitors will not stay long. If you are spending money on paid social advertisement, you don’t want to be throwing money away over poor usability on your site. The more user friendly your site it, the longer a customer will stay on it. Google sheds some insights that suggest if a user lands on your site and becomes frustrated, there is a 61% chance they will leave immediately.

Now is the time to convert your current website to mobile. NetSource Technologies can easily take your current site and convert it to respond optimally across all devices. Want to learn more about converting your website into a mobile responsive site? Our team will conduct a site analysis of your mobile traffic and navigation to improve the user experience for mobile customers.