A Few Best Practices on Writing an RV Description

Lately I have been noticing a lot of our RV dealer clients using some very damaging SEO techniques when writing their RV descriptions.  So I decided to put together a list of a few tips and tricks to help you in the Search Engines as well as help draw attention to key points for your customers.

Content is Your Friend

Always remember the more unique content you have the better.

  • Write content that is original and relevant to the product that you are trying to sell
  • Stay away from a generic description that you might be using across all of your products.  Having just a single paragraph duplicated on all of your inventory pages can reduce your ranking.
  • Additionally, don’t just copy from the manufacturer’s site… Google and the other search engines know where that content showed up first, and they will rank accordingly. Plus, how many other dealers are using that exact same content?
  • When writing original content try to think of keywords that your clients are searching for as well as strong call to actions.  Include the Brand, Model, and Type in each description (along with any other commonly used terms like tent camper as well as pop-up camper)  Other good keywords to include are New and Used.

Keywords and Calls to Action

A call to action is either a keyword or phrase that will grab the attention of your client and prompt action.  Words like Free Estimate, Call Today, or On Sale are just a few “calls to action” that will keep visitors engaged and hopefully prompt them to contact you for more information and eventually complete the sale. Be sure to include compelling calls to action in your descriptions in order to prompt potential buyers to take action.

When choosing the wording of your descriptions, you will want to use keywords that RV buyers would possibly be searching for (which is not necessarily the words and phrases you use).  Take a look at the free Google Keyword Selector Tool to see which words and phrases are used the most by searchers.  This will help increase your SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) rankings and hopefully help people find your products through the different search engines and terms they could be searching for.

Don’t Abuse Bold, Italic, and Underline

This is one of the most common mistakes I see a lot of our clients making. These three tools are very useful when they are not being abused.  Only use them for their intended purposes though.

  • The Bold Tag is best used to bring attention to particularly important words or phrases.  If your whole content is bold, then you will not be able to bring attention to key points for your customers (or the search engines).
  • The Italic Tag should only be used when you truly want to apply emphasis to a word or phrase.  Don’t use it just for the purpose of italicizing something, since readability is decreased when text is italicized.
  • The Underline Tag on the web represents a link.  We recommend that you not use this tag on text that is not clickable since it becomes confusing to your clients.

Be Careful when Copying from Word

When you copy from Microsoft Word and paste into the content box, be careful.  Word will sometimes bring over any invisible formatting or styling code that you had in the document.  This can cause serious display issues in your text that you will have a lot of trouble fixing.  Plus, all of that extra code in the background gunks up your page code and makes it harder for Google to index the actual content and text on the page.  One way to fix this so Word does not copy anything over is to paste it first into notepad then recopy and past it into the text box.  Then, once the copy is in the text box you can then go through and add in your Bold and Italic tags.

In Conclusion

I do understand that creating a non-generic description for all of your units can be very time consuming and tedious.  I strongly want to emphasize that if you are not creating unique content that you will be hurting yourself in the long run.  My best advice is to try using these tips and see for yourself the improvements that it will make in the search engines as well as getting more leads from your customers.  If you are ever in need of SEO don’t hesitate to call and schedule a free consultation with myself or another SEO expert with NetSource Technologies.

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