Digital Marketing Strategies that Drive Traffic

The goal of most businesses is to make sales. The secondary goal is for their customers to complete the buying journey happy, satisfied, and ready to recommend the business to others. When we think about your customers buying journey, we think leads. So what is your marketing saying to your leads?

Saying the Right Things to Get Sales

The “flow” of communication with potential customers, or leads, for any business begins on the internet. Whether leads find your business pages through a search engine, social media page or a third-party site, your visitors are seeking information. But what happens to your digital visitors when your website doesn’t grab their attention? Where do visitors go when they don’t find what they’re looking for on your pages? We know it doesn’t boost your bottom line. We want to help you retain those visitors and trn them into sales.

What is Web Traffic Doing for Your Marketing Strategies?

When we talk about web design, digital marketing strategy and the management of your business pages online, we do it with your end goal in mind, sales.

So, let’s put this into simple perspective.

When you’re planning a trip, the destination is clear. The best route to arrive at your destination is what’s in question. You first must map out your travels. Ideally, you’ll find a route that makes the journey enjoyable and painless, possibly even fun! The best way to achieve this type of positive trip is to research all the route options available to you.

Web Traffic

In the case of your new internet visitors, their “destination” is the purchase of a product or service that meets all their needs and wants. The ideal scenario would be the purchase being a painless and efficient process. When a new visitor lands on your website or social pages, they are beginning to map out their purchase. This is where digital marketing strategy comes in.

How do I keep website traffic engaged while on the buying journey, so they buy from my business?

Customers Buy Based on Information

Now more than ever, buyers want to be informed before spending money. Their research and planning can take some time. Multiple reliable sources in the marketing sector have found that an estimated 90-94% of new website traffic to a site say they are not ready to buy the first time they land on the home page. Others say they land on some sites by chance when they are not ready to even begin the research phase. How do you capitalize on the information-seeking website traffic and turn those visitors into buyers? Take a look at one of our customer pages below to find out!

What Did They Do Right That You Can Too?

  • Provide a unique and clear proposition or offer. Doing this on your home page is a great way to pull visitors in and keep them on your site, ideally clicking through to other pages past the home page.
  • Develop a website that has helpful and attention worthy content. Information about the products or services offered, beneficial features, technical specs, cost and payment options (if applicable) are all great attention grabbers.
  • Target some of your website’s attention to visitors not ready to buy yet. Educate website traffic and social media visitors with relevant and helpful information that aids in the buyer journey. This will help them feel like they’ve made a connection with your business before they ever speak to a sales representative or step foot through your doors.

Keep Leads on the Hook

The next step of the digital marketing strategy process is where businesses often lose potential customers on the buyer journey.

How do you lose out on customers that never call or step foot through your doors?

By not following up with first time website traffic, businesses lose the ability to turn those leads into customers. That translates to lost sales. If you don’t know who is visiting your site or social pages, how exactly do you follow up with those leads?

Create Landing Pages for Your Digital and Social Media Ads

Landing pages allow for Pixel tracking. This allows your ads to be marketed to users by their internet signature, so your paid ads through Google Ads and other social media platforms are remarketed directly to those who have already shown an interest in your products.

Offer a No Strings Attached Give Away or Blog Sign Up

Both options require website traffic to enter their email address into a form on your site. This is quick and easy for the user, and it is initiated by them. Once in your database, potential customers can then receive a strategic program of emails to engage their need for information on your products and services. It also begins to build their trust in your dealership and products.

Live Chat Tool on Every Web Page

Over half of online consumers prefer live chat because it offers an immediate response to questions. Having a live chat tool on each page of your site provides visitors an easy avenue to ask questions. This tool can require users to enter their basic contact information, including name and email address. Use this information to connect with them again using an automated retargeting email program.

Long Term Goals

Be the Trusted Source for Buyers

NetSource Technologies recommends businesses exercise all the methods of digital marketing mentioned. This gives buyers information, education and attention. Your business will be the trusted resource for industry knowledge on the products or services you offer. You will meet the customers need from the very beginning of the buyer journey.

Don’t Know Where to Start? 

Digital marketing strategy can be an undertaking for any business, even with experience. Don’t skip over these tips because you’re busy, or because it seems overwhelming. NetSource Technologies is here to help.

Turn website traffic into sales!

Contact a Digital Marketing Specialist more information on how NetSource Technologies can assist you in meeting your sales goals for 2021 and beyond!