Recover Lost Leads with Remarketing

How to Recover Lost Leads with Remarketing

96% of Your Website Visitors Are Not Ready to Buy!

A recent study by Marketo revealed the shocking statistic that up to 96% of website visitors need more time. Few marketers or businesses have come to terms with this fact and figured out how to address it, but there is a real way to turn the visitors in that 96% into customers.

The answer to recovering lost leads? Remarketing.

You want your business to stay present and visible to those previous visitors. That way, your business is present when they are ready to buy, and your website visitors turn into your future customers.


Targeted Lead Visibility & The Rule of Seven

Many companies understand the idea that you need to be constantly visible and maintain a persistent presence with shoppers. You probably also know about the widely accepted Rule of Seven, which states that it takes a minimum of seven exposures to your brand before a shopper is interested in buying from you.

Prior to the Internet, achieving that kind of visibility meant spending quite a bit on shotgun print, billboard, and television advertising campaigns. These days, you can be more targeted with your marketing. Visitors have already expressed interest in your business by finding their way to your website – now you need to stay present and visible to them after they leave. Often times, you invested money in bringing them to your website, and it would be a costly mistake to let them leave without creating a plan to bring them back.

By encouraging previous visitors to come back to your website, you increase the likelihood of them ultimately becoming a customer.

But Why Do They Leave?

Take a moment and really look at your website. If it’s like most, it’s probably concentrated on promoting your products, services, and sales. Your calls to action (CTAs) may only be related to purchases. So, where does that leave most shoppers who want more time before making a decision?

Unfortunately, it’s likely those website visitors are departing without bookmarking your site or even thinking of you again. Their search will continue as they hunt for information that addresses their concerns and questions where they are in their purchasing journey.

How Remarketing Recovers Lost Leads

The central idea is that the visitor isn’t ready to buy right now. But they did come to your website, so the interest is there. Frequently, they just need time and information before making a buying decision.

Remarketing maintains a presence as your previous visitors move through their research and browse the Internet. It not only reinforces your brand, but it also reminds them to stay on a track toward purchase.

With proper configuration, remarketing allows for the most successful ad targeting. For example, someone who visits your Careers and About Us page may be looking for a job rather than your product. By correctly configuring remarketing, we concentrate on advertising to legitimate shoppers only. We also focus ads based upon interest. If someone has already been searching for a product or service that your business offers, we can display ads for your business as they browse. This means your ads are appearing in front of customers who have already expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

Benefits of Remarketing

  • Stay relevant and top of mind without being intrusive
  • Be present throughout every step of their buying process
  • Ensure that a purchase stays priority
  • Get visitors to return to your site using relevant content
  • Advertise smarter by targeting warm prospects who are already familiar with your brand rather than cold ones

Remarketing for Lead Recovery Dollars & Cents

Remarketing is one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck with your advertising dollars. After all, it’s much more expensive to acquire new leads than it is to convert existing ones. By targeting your marketing to those who have already come to your site, you can recover otherwise lost leads.

Let’s look at the math. If you have 500 visitors to your site a month and 80% of them become lost leads who wouldn’t otherwise interact with your site again, that means you now have 400 viable remarketing candidates. Without remarketing, it would be expensive and nearly impossible to persistently put ads in front of 400 viable shoppers that already have a disposition to your brand!

Remarketing can turn those shoppers into leads again, and eventually into deals.

An Essential Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

We can assist you in putting remarketing in place so you can stop the leak and start recovering your lost leads.

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