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It’s no secret that in today’s market you must be online. From website design to a quality email list, an online presence drives success for any business. At NetSource Technologies we provide custom web design services as well as comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

When it comes to online marketing, we look at each component in your marketing mix. From website to free and paid promotion, we know everything should work together and serve to advance your objectives.


Why List Building Matters in Marketing

Regardless of if you are selling online (e-commerce) or are a not-for-profit organization, we work with you to customize the best approach for your business’ goals. Executing that strategy requires marketing tactics that align with where your potential customer is at in theiry buyer’s journey. Certainly, every organization wants past clients and customers to return for future services and their next purchase. But how do you ensure that happens?

Aside from providing quality products and customer service, you need to stay relevant and in the forefront of your buyer’s mind. One way to keep your company top of mind with past and potential customers is building an email list.

Buyer's Journey

Build Your Email List

As marketers, we know that email campaigns can be one of the most effective communication channels available today. It can target past customers as well as warm leads who may become future customers. The key is having an up-to-date and relevant email list.

The success of email marketing efforts and customer email audience targeting is directly related to the size and quality of your email list. Undoubtedly, this can be a very effective marketing strategy, but how do you hook people in to sign up for it? Naturally, we want to help you succeed, so keep reading for some email marketing tips you’ll need.

Provide Value & Incentives

First, make them an offer they can’t refuse…

In all seriousness, one of our best email marketing tips to grow your email list is to include a special offer. Customers will be more likely to opt in and provide their email address if they are receiving something in return. This incentive can be tangible, or it can provide value in another way. The offer should be dictated by your buyers and brand. For example, your incentive could be information, such as a free guide or an upcoming release of a new product. Or, you could offer a discount for future purchases, or even a giveaway.

Gifted incentives

For instance, one of our clients is an outdoor recreation company who we manage email marketing for. For one of their email marketing campaigns, they decided to do a monthly giveaway. They chose a product that was relevant to customers in their niche. In this case, the incentive was a $70 cooler backpack from Amazon. Because it was relevant to their audience, it was very successful in driving email list sign-ups. In fact, this company’s marketing giveaway resulted in a 25% growth of their email list. All in all, that is great considering it was only a $70 investment!

Incentives with a purchase

Again, if a tangible giveaway is not an option for you, you can incentivize your customers in other ways. Another recommendation we have is for the offer to be tied to a purchase. By tying the offer to a purchase, you’re only giving something away if there is a purchase made. For instance, one example is a giveaway with a purchase.

One client we work with is an RV and trailer dealership. This client decided to give away an accessory with every unit purchased. With this giveaway, their signups were 69% higher in comparison to a generic “sign up for our email list.” In this case, they gave away am item that cost roughly $200, but each unit purchased cost several thousands of dollars. That being said, it was still a feasible and profitable incentive.

Regardless of the price, it is about value. Remember though, you are offering your buyer value. Your incentive should be specific and on brand, so pick what works for you!

Backpack Slide

Periodically Purge Disengaged Users

Our second tip is key: clean up your list and delete those disengaged contacts! Because you are aiming to grow your email list, this part may seem counterintuitive, but quality is key. In fact, without engagement, the quantity of people doesn’t really matter. We recommend running reports periodically and unsubscribing users who are not opening your emails. Because you’re getting rid of the dead weight of disengaged users, your results will improve immediately. Additionally, there is another bonus to ditching disengaged users and eliminating them your email list. Since most email marketing services have pricing tiers based on subscriber count, you could save money by deleting contacts who aren’t interested. Purge your list and stop paying for contacts that are never going to result in a sale.

Read our guide to email list building for more information growing your email list.

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