Why Your Construction Company Website Matters

If you’re in the construction or contractor industry and you’re looking for a way to get ahead of the competition, there’s no better place to start than your construction company website. You may think that simply having an online presence, even if it isn’t extensive, is enough to check the website box and move on. However, in today’s times, it’s nearly impossible to have an edge with a rudimentary website. It can be tempting to want to focus your attention on your sales team or on advertising signage in your local area, but while those things do have merit, letting your competitors flourish online while you sit on the digital sidelines can be detrimental to the success of your construction business. Investing serious time and resources into your construction company website can pay dividends when it comes to winning over customers and closing sales.

Most consumer decisions, whether it’s finding the nearest gas station or deciding who you want to build your next home, start online. According to a study from BIA/Kelsey Group, 97% of consumers research products and services online before purchasing. Your construction website could be the first way your potential customers learn about you. You want to make sure you are leaving them with the best impression and the most helpful information possible in their search for a construction company or contractor. 

Your construction company website matters because you want to:

  • Be discoverable online
  • Showcase your work
  • Build your client’s trust
  • Stay top of mind with potential customers

Luckily, we can help with all of those things. Read on to find out how these apply to your business and how Netsource Technologies can help you get the most out of your construction website.

Construction Business

Be Discoverable Online

First and foremost, your construction company website matters because you want potential clients to be able to discover your business when searching online. However, popping up in a customer’s “construction company near me” Google search isn’t just happenstance. Google’s algorithm has gotten smarter year after year and it rewards the sites that are optimized for search engines. This means designing your website with things like commonly searched keywords and optimal page load speed in mind, while grabbing the visitor’s attention so they stick around and you avoid being penalized by Google when they hit the back button to continue their search elsewhere.

There are many elements that play into search engine optimization, or SEO, and the rules can get complicated if you aren’t familiar with them. Netsource’s construction websites have built-in SEO so that you can rest assured your contractor or construction company is easily discoverable in online searches. The bottom line is that you want potential customers to find you online and stick around to learn more once they do.


Showcase Your Work

If a potential customer were to walk into your offices and ask to learn more about what your company does, chances are someone from your sales team would sit down with them and walk them through examples of your past work. You may even have a sign out front of one of your recent builds to encourage potential clients to contact you if they like what they see. A website is simply an online version of both of those scenarios. It’s a place for you to create a digital portfolio for anyone to access from anywhere at any time.

Sometimes people who are looking to build in an area don’t live in that area and can’t swing by your offices to flip through a physical portfolio or drive around town to see what you’ve built in the past. Your website helps people get to know what makes your work unique and they’ll learn quickly if it matches up with their style as well. This filters out customers who aren’t looking for what you specialize in and saves you time on meeting over the phone or in person with customers who just aren’t that serious about their interest in you. Being clear online about what you bring to the table means that the leads that do reach out to you are hot and ready to be converted.

Build Your Client’s Trust

A study out of Stanford says that 75% of users say they judge a company’s credibility based on their website design. If a construction company’s website design is haphazard and thrown together, chances are your potential clients are going to believe the quality of your construction work is the same. When you think about it, both are about having a visually appealing look that also functions well. You want your construction website to make a statement that your construction or contractor business will provide those qualities to your clients. 

Construction Customer

Furthermore, your construction company website is an opportunity to show a browsing client that you really know your field of expertise and you’re there to help them. You can do this by answering some common questions on your website. This can include a Q&A page, a blog you frequently update or smart organization of information on your site. Keep in mind that people who visit your site will quite often be at different stages of the “buyer’s journey.” Some will be exploring whether they want to build at all, some will have decided that they are going to build in your area and need to choose the right company, and others have decided you’re in their final few options and they want you to make it clear you’re the right choice.

The goal of your construction company website is to reach each one of those customers where they are at. If you help answer their questions, they’re more likely to come back when they are ready to move to the next stage of the purchase process. 


Stay Top of Mind with Potential Customers

Another way your construction company website can help you close deals is list building. If you’re not familiar with the term, it basically describes collecting email addresses so that you can stay in touch with interested customers. Often, people are more willing to receive an email from you than they are to receive a call from your sales team. Websites can provide landing pages for customers to input their information into a form in order to learn more about what you do or access some sort of unique content. Working with a company like Netsource Technologies who can help you narrow down what content makes users most likely to enter their information and then create a customized email nurture campaign with you is the best way to attack this aspect of construction website design.

Additional Digital Marketing

While your construction company website is an essential part of your online marketing strategy, it isn’t the only part. A successful digital marketing plan is well-rounded and multi-faceted. It includes making the most out of search engine results with both pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO. PPC for construction companies allows you to run highly targeted ads at the top of search engine results for keywords related to your business. Contractor SEO ensures your website is built with long-term search visibility in mind and a deep understanding of Google’s algorithm. It can also involve implementing a lead recovery solution that will help you stop losing leads and customers by getting your content back in front of users who have visited before but weren’t ready to buy yet.

Our blog is full of marketing tips to help you and your business succeed. If you need some extra help though, we have comprehensive online marketing solutions so you don’t have to stress about whether you’re choosing the right methods or implementing them correctly.


Why investing in your construction company website gives you the best ROI


While there are many reasons to invest in your construction company website, the ultimate reason is that you want to be spending your marketing dollars where you will see a clear ROI. In today’s digital world, investing in your online presence is the best way to go. Having a visually appealing, functional, and most of all helpful website for your clients and potential clients can put you worlds ahead of your competition. Netsource Technologies specializes in construction company websites, and we can help you create a website that accomplishes all of these goals and more. 

Not sure where to start with creating a website for your construction business?

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