Up to 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to buy. Discover how to engage, during, and after their visit, so you stop losing leads and customers!

Turn Visitors into Leads…and Customers?

Many still believe that if you drive traffic to your website you end up with leads and then customers. Unfortunately, it is becoming more difficult to get quality and targeted traffic, and many pay for it using all different methods and techniques. Even if those techniques are free (e.g. blog posts), labor costs can still make it expensive to implement. 

Well, it’s a sad revelation to discover that up to 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy when on your website. This fact can lead to all kinds of misunderstandings, including that your website traffic must be bad. Actually, even if it was good traffic would they be buying from you right away, right? Not really.

If we leave it up to a website with some forms, and nothing more, to convert visitors into customers we are going to be sadly disappointed. This can even mean the end of your online business. 

What Are These Website Visitors Doing…If They Aren’t Ready to Buy? 

Most businesses significantly underestimate the amount of research and shopping website visitors are doing.

If you took to heart that 9 of 10 website visitors are researching, how would you re-think your website? 

Are your competitors thinking about this? If they are, researchers are likely rewarding them with something extremely valuable – and it isn’t just their time. The reward? The website researcher’s email address. 

Once this is provided, then real communication can take place with emails. 

However, a little more than just one approach is needed. The reason for that is not every visitor is ready nor desires to provide you their personal information. Yet, it still must be implemented for those who are ready or willing. It just needs to be done in a rational fashion and as part of a totally comprehensive approach. 

So, there are two challenges here and both must be addressed together.

The Two Challenges To Turning Visitors into Leads and Customers

1. You need very compelling content to obtain visitor’s contact information, even if they aren’t ready to buy yet. In addition, you then need additional content to email them and stay ‘top-of-mind’ and assist them in their buying process

2. You need to stay in front of those website visitors we departed without providing their contact information. We need to engage with these visitors that aren’t interested in filling out forms. Some are concerned about sales calls or a string of emails. No matter their concern, we fail to get their email address. So, how can we stay present? 

What can be done? 

Lead Recovery to the Rescue 

Typical marketing approaches focus on a single channel to address challenges. For example, I want more website traffic so I’ll write blog posts. Then I want even more traffic so I promote those blog posts on social channels (like Facebook). Then I want leads so I create a landing page with a form and run paid advertisements to drive individuals who are “ready to purchase” to my page. 

Each of those approaches is very silo oriented and doesn’t take a comprehensive approach. In fact, when it comes to the lead recovery issue if you do not take a comprehensive approach you cannot really solve the problem.


Two Offerings for a Comprehensive Solution

To solve the challenge of converting website visitors into leads, and ultimately turn them into customers, we have united two offerings.

Our Marketing Automation plan focuses on offering highly engaging content to your website researchers and shoppers. The goal is to obtain their email address in exchange for this valuable content. Once they provide their email, the program assists them through their buying process with more valuable content sent directly to their inbox.

This program quickly differentiates you from your competitors and is a widely proven approach to lead generation (often referred to as “content marketing” or “inbound marketing”). There is a multitude of benefits to this approach and adoption will certainly put you ahead of your competitors. 

The second component is our Remarketing plan. Remarketing delivers advertising specifically to those who came to the website but departed without providing their contact information. Remarketing allows you to be present, visible, and engaging. This minimizes prospects drifting away and keeps your brand just a one click away.


In Summary

The Problem

  • Up to 96% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy right then
  • You are investing in obtaining website traffic in an attempt to grow your business
  • Without capturing email addresses there is no way to have direct communication with these visitors

 The Solution

  • We utilize our Lead Recovery Solution which addresses the problems head-on 
  • Our Marketing Automation Program focuses on engaging with customers by offering valuable content to assist them in their shopping experience. 

The Benefits

There are both immediate and long term as well as direct and indirect benefits to our Lead Recovery Solution. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Get leads that otherwise would have not engaged with your company
  • Increase your overall lead performance
  • Increasing sales
  • Increase your overall business revenue and customer lifetime value
  • Obtain warm or hot sales-ready leads
  • Quicker sales close times
  • Better marketing ROI by maximizing the conversion of leads you already got to your website
  • Expand your business visual footprint
  • Obtain a persistent digital presence
  • Educate and inform prospects reduces support and customer service 
  • Stop “top-of-mind” to researchers/shoppers
  • Become a trusted brand 
  • Develop customer advocates

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