Volatile and ever changing, the business world is tough and becoming increasingly harder to stay atop without adopting strategies to reach new customers. However, business owners typically don’t have the time to keep up on their research about best web design practices and new and innovative marketing strategies. Our research here at NetSource Inc. involves everything in the digital world including, but not limited to, Web Design Best Practices, SEO, Social Media, Paid Advertising, and Remarketing. This comprehensive guide will give an overview of all the services offered here at NetSource Inc. and provide specific articles about each subject to further your knowledge in these areas.

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Beginning in March of 2016, the website design team at NetSource Technologies set out to help the Marion County Health Alliance create a website and brand that matched their vision: “To make Marion County the healthiest county in Florida.” The new website, www.livehealthiermarion.com has given the Alliance a platform to educate the community and share their expertise on living a healthier lifestyle. […]

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Everyone knows what bad design looks like. I know what you’re thinking: If everyone knows what bad design looks like, then why do people still think animated flaming skulls on websites are a good idea? […]


It’s no secret that the world is obsessed with their phones, studies show that we spend, on average, five hours a day on our phones and check them about 85 times a day! Why is this so important? Enter Google, the dominating search engine in the world and a mainstay of digital advertising. At the recent Google Performance Summit, Google revealed big additions to the PPC world revolving around the idea of a mobile-first world and “micro-moments.”


153658_logo_finalBradd and Hall has been one of the top suppliers of RV furniture, products and renovations for over 34 years, so it was only fitting that they have a custom website of equal quality. Recently, the designers at NetSource Technologies helped Bradd and Hall launch www.bradandhall.com, a custom e-commerce website that is mobile-friendly and designed with their customers in mind. […]


NetSource’s web design team is proud to launch a new website for Courvelle’s RV, using our exclusive dealer website system, EZ-Sites. Courvelle’s RV, located in Opelousas, Louisiana, is excited to launch their new website www.courvellesrv.com using the new SiteSource 3.0 management system.

As one of Louisiana’s top RV dealers, Courvelle’s needed a website that would be mobile responsive and search engine friendly, giving their users the best experience possible.  The SiteSource 3.0 Content Management System will allow Courvelle’s staff to easily update and manage their new website. As a Platinum Dealer and member of RVUSA, Courvelle’s has full access to all the site’s modules, content, inventory pages, and more.


An effective marketing campaign takes time to build, a lot of data, and near perfect execution. The online marketing world is more competitive than ever, with hundreds of businesses competing for the same customers. A Google AdWords campaign has become a necessity for survival in today’s competitive market, but what about ad campaigns on Facebook?

iStock_000074311985_Medium […]

The world we know today is one of digital dominance, and the average amount of time spent online increases every year. People have become more interested in online shopping because they think they can get better deals online and won’t have to shop in crowded malls or stores.  According to nchannel.com, 64% of people think customer experience is more important than price and 65% of people have cut ties over a single poor experience.

Numerous factors are taken into account when discussing customer experience and the most important factor of customer experience is website design. Your website’s design determines how a customer feels and interacts with your brand.

So how do you know if your business has poor website design? Here are the top 4 warning signs that your web design needs improvement:

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NetSource’s web design team is proud to launch a new website for Camperland Trailer Sales, Inc., using our exclusive dealer website system, EZ-Sites. Camperland Trailer Sales in Conroe, Texas recently launched their new website www.camperland.net using our SiteSource 3.0 management system.

This new website is both mobile responsive and search engine friendly, which helped improve the user experience for Camperland’s customers.  The SiteSource 3.0 Content Management System gives Camperland’s staff the ability to easily update and manage their new website. NetSource Technology’s exclusive EZ-Sites RV dealer website system gives RV dealers full control of their website, allowing dealers to access and edit all their content, inventory, and pages 24/7 from their own browser.