If you want your business to stand out in 2019, it is important to stay on top of all the current web design trends. Over the course of a year, things change so rapidly, especially online, and it is important for your business for you to keep up. You want a website that is modern, user friendly, and on trend. Now, you want to also make sure these are industry trends that will benefit your site and not passing fads that will leave your site looking tacky and outdated in a matter of months. These 2019 website design trends will have your site looking sleek and modern with longevity that will keep in business for the long term.

2019 Website Design Trends

Mobile First

Mobile friendly website design is becoming more and more important. Without a mobile friendly site, it is highly likely that your site just won’t be seen. Google is actually indexing mobile responsiveness first now, making mobile designs not only a 2019 website trend to look out for, but also a key element to having a successful website. With a mobile first website, your mobile version is designed first and once that is complete then the designer will create a desktop friendly version.

If you need a mobile friendly website and aren’t sure were to start, the designers at NetSource would love to help you out and get your website moving into 2019.

Video Background

Video is huge right now! It has been growing in relevancy for years now and it has finally culminated in video backgrounds as an element of a website’s design. Videos make a statement, and really allow you to connect with a user in a matter of minutes. You can see an example of a site we created with a video background here. More and more people are going to be having video backgrounds now, so this is one trend that will be worth jumping on in 2019.


One of my favorite 2019 website design trend has to be the rise of micro-interactions. These small animations are typically used on mobile platforms to ad subtle visual effects to a page. They are simple, and add an element of fun to your mobile site that users will remember!


Symmetry is a thing of the past! People are gravitating towards broken grid or asymmetric designs, especially for their websites. While many designers still want more flat and minimal designs, these more striking and visually appealing designs are really making their mark in the design world.


Chat bots have been on the rise for a while now, but in 2019 you can expect for them to really take off. Having LiveChat on your website will not only help you more easily engage with your client base, but also allow them to feel more connected to you and get any questions answered in a timely manner.  If you need more information on the importance of LiveChat and how it can help explode your business, then you may want to check out this article.

3D Takes Over

Move over 2D, 3D images are here to take over the world of web design in 2019. Major companies are starting to use 3D rendering for their products and this trend will continue to advance in the coming year.


2019 will be the year for simple, user friendly web design. Aimed at a better user experience and personalized content, we can bet on seeing some significant advances in business and design. If you want to stay ahead of the game with these 2019 web design trends, talk to one of our expert designers today to launch your business forward in the coming year!

Did you know that 64% of online users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video on social media?

Have you heard that over 50% of users claim to follow at least one online influencer?

This information along with a plethora of other online studies show that with the rise in the prevalence of social media usage for the average consumer, the benefits of utilizing social media as a marketing tool have grown exponentially.

Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence that having a social media presence is a must have for any business, there are still a few hold outs that don’t understand the need or have the desire to expand their business into the social media world. Many of these last few holdouts are even starting to convert though. When they ask “Why? Why do I need a social media presence?”… Truly, the answer is simple, yet multifaceted. The short answer is because you want to grow with the times… but if you want more detailed information about how social media will help you grow as a company, please keep on reading.

Connect With Your Client Base

With over 2.27 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone, the potential to connect with your clients and target audience on social media is ridiculous. Between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter the opportunities for connections are endless! Social media is the perfect place to really connect with your audience and humanize your brand. When you engage with your followers on social media, the stigma of “big faceless company” starts to dissolve and people begin to see the people behind the company. Social media makes people feel connected to people they have never met in person before… It created meaningful relationships with consumers and gives you a platform to share your company beliefs, values, and touching employee stories that will pull at the heartstrings of your client base.

Increase Brand Awareness

So you have an amazing product that you know will benefit humanity and sell like hot cakes…. The problem is no one is buying, what gives? Sometimes, having a great product just isn’t enough. If no one knows who you are, they aren’t likely to purchase from you. Social media is a perfect way to build brand awareness, which will in turn increase your overall sales. People want to know the company that they are purchasing from, they want to feel they can trust you, and by building a social media presence where you connect with your client base, you in turn increase your brand awareness.

Boost Your Sales

So you are connected, people are aware of your brand….Now it is time to boost your sales! Social media should be an integral part of your sales funnel. As I mentioned earlier, people are more likely to make a purchase when seeing a product in a video on social media, so make some videos to highlight your products! You can also begin utilizing paid ads on social media sites to further engage with your target audience. These ads tend to have higher reach, better targeting, and a higher ROI than many traditional ads and cost less than other online advertising.

Partner With Influencers

With the explosion of social media marketing and the influencer marketing boom, having a social media presence can help your brand connect with influencers. This will increase your reach and drive people to your site! I won’t dive too far into what influencer marketing is and why it is beneficial, but you can read all about influencer marketing here.

Reputation Management

Last but not least, social media can help you manage your reputation and properly manage potential crisis. Think about it, if something goes wrong, the first place people go now is to social media to complain. If you have a presence on social media, you can catch these complaints early on and nip them in the bud! This will show people that you care about your customers and fix any issues in a timely manner, which will endear people to you and your brand.

There are so many beneficial reasons to grow your social media presence for your business. Today’s society is going digital, and businesses must adapt and grow with the times. It is important to view social media as a tool you can use and not as something scary to run away from!

Why your business needs a social media presence

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Every business needs to build their brand and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are several surefire ways to get your business’ branding going and in this article we will attempt to give you some ideas on how to get the ball rolling.


5 aesthetically pleasing website elements

When it comes to creating a website for your business, there are numerous things that must first be taken into account. Not only do you need to provide valuable information for your consumers, you also need to make sure that your website is aesthetically pleasing. Websites that are not pleasing to the eye will detract from the user experience and usually lead to people leaving your site rather quickly. In order to ensure a pleasant user experience, make sure you are implementing these 5 aesthetically pleasing website elements.


NetSource Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Arrowhead Campsites and Mobile Home Park‘s newly redesigned website.  Arrowhead Campsites and Mobile Home Park is located in Ocala, Florida and provides a quiet, rustic, camping experience only 3 miles from town and short rides to all Central Florida attractions.


businessman with laptop and papers in office

We all have a need for certainty. It’s one of the six human needs. However, if you’re looking for absolute certainty in your traffic stats program you’re not going to get it. Now that’s not to say that web traffic stats programs are not useful. They definitely are very useful and provide important information that will help you and your business make decisions about content, product, and marketing creation as well as give you information about your website visitors’ preferences.


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The first half of 2018 proved to be exciting for NetSource Technologies, Inc. as we took home two more ADDY Awards (American Advertising Awards) from the American Advertising Federation in two different categories.