The NetSource Technologies expert design team strikes again! Recently, our team launched Brick City Furniture’s new E-Commerce website. Brick City Furniture manufactures top quality furniture for residential and commercial spaces, including their popular coastal furniture.

Brick City Furniture offers a wide selection of furniture including sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottomans in any type of fabric. Their new easy to use website allows them to display all of their furniture to customers in a convenient, yet compelling atmosphere.Brick City Launches New Website


NetSource’s web design team is proud to launch a new website for Countryside RV Sales, using our exclusive dealer website system, EZ-Sites. Countryside RV Sales in Gladewater, Texas is excited to launch their new website using the new SiteSource 3.0 management system.

The new website is mobile responsive and search engine friendly allowing for optimal user performance and SEO.  The SiteSource 3.0 Content Management System will allow Countryside RV’s  staff to easily update and manage their new website. NetSource Technology’s exclusive EZ-Sites RV dealer website system gives RV dealers full control of their website 24/7, allowing dealers to add, delete and edit all their content, inventory, and pages quickly and easily.


The new website gives visitors the ability to explore Countryside RV’s large inventory of motorhomes, fifth wheels, toy haulers, park models, travel trailers, and pop-ups. Visitors to the website can also explore Countryside’s inventory of used RVs, as well as their online parts & accessories catalog. Countryside RV’s new site also has an online credit application to help new customers explore their different financing options. The website’s user-friendly inventory search is powered by NetSource Media and’s online inventory management and distribution system for dealers.

Countryside RV Sales features a great selection of units from top manufacturers including Americamp, Jayco, Heartland RV, Keystone, Itasca, Nu-Wa and RVision.

NetSource Technologies offers specialized online solutions for RV dealers through its sister companies,, a leading RV classified ad website, connecting private buyers with individual sellers (FSBO) as well as nationwide trailer dealers and manufacturers, and NetSource Media, focusing on online solutions for the vehicle industries.

NetSource Technologies is an award-winning web design, hosting, e-commerce and consulting company that has been serving Ocala, FL and clients nationwide since 1995. Visit our web site at for more information on their services and to view additional client websites. And, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

What’s the first thing you do before you buy something or go to a store?

According to the experts at AdWeek, 81% of shoppers do online research on the company or product they are considering BEFORE they make a purchase. A major part of thisresearch process consists of reading online reviews. Whether we like it or not, reviews are one of the most important and trusted resources that people take into account when choosing where to shop, eat, or do business.

thumb icons for Customer review concept.

As a business owner, reviews are extremely important to your reputation, and they simply can’t be ignored. Your goal should be to generate positive reviews from your customers. But how? How do you get someone to go home and write a review after a good experience? What do you do when someone gives you a bad review?

Don’t worry, keep reading and we’ll answer all these questions for you.

But first, the key to your reputation starts with YOU.

  1. Take Care of Your Customers – No matter what industry you do business in, whether you sell products or provide a service, customers should always be your number one priority. The only way to keep people coming back to your business is by providing them with a quality product/service and excellent customer service. Make sure everyone on your staff is properly trained in how to handle customers so people continually leave your business with a smile on their face.Businessman holding out a handwritten business card reading We Apologize in a concept of client service and public relations.
  2. Admit Your Mistakes – Nobody’s perfect, and that’s ok, but as a business owner it’s important to recognize when you or your staff have made a mistake. Customers will be much more likely to forgive you if you admit that there was an error, and are willing to make the situation right. Providing a reparation for a mistake such as a discount, refund, or free service, will make your customers feel better and be willing to trust you for future purchases.
  3. Encourage Good Reviews – Having good reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., are not only important for your reputation, but also for your online presence. Reviews play a factor in your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can affect how you appear in online search results. So how do you get customers to leave you good reviews? Catch them in the heat of the moment when they’re feeling great about your product or service. For example, if a customer comes in to your business or comments on your Facebook about how much they love your new product, ask them politely to leave you a review. Most customers will be happy to share their good feelings with the rest of the online world.
  4. Incentives for Reviews – While there are plenty of dirty methods for getting reviews onto your social pages, we prefer business owners take the ethical approach. Instead of hiring someone to write you fake reviews or creating numerous fake online accounts to leave reviews for your own business, try offering your customers incentives. A customer will be more likely to leave a review if there’s something in it for them, such as a discount or free product.
  5. Think Before You Type – Bad reviews are inevitable, even for the most successful and respected businesses, but there’s a wrong and right way to handle them. Make sure you read the customer’s words carefully and try to see the situation from their point of view BEFORE you respond. Remember, anything you put on the Internet will be there forever, even if you think you deleted it, so choose your words carefully.
  6. Listen and Respond – Once you’ve thoroughly read through a review, you should first respond by acknowledging the customer’s issue. Tell them you appreciate their opinion and apologize if they had a bad iStock_000070440307_Mediumexperience. Even if the issue wasn’t necessarily your fault, putting the blame on the customer will do the situation no good. Instead, politely ask them for another opportunity to make the situation right, either by fixing the current problem or providing them with a complimentary product or service in the future. If you have the customer’s contact information, you can also reach out to them with a phone call to talk more about the situation. However, it’s important for your online reputation that you respond to all bad reviews so other customers see that you handled the situation with grace.
  7. Recognize the Problem – If customers continually leave you bad reviews about defects with your product or bad customer service, it may be time to do an internal check of the situation. The best way to prevent future bad reviews is to nip the problem in the bud. Make sure you are paying attention to the customers’ complaints and do your best to fix the problem before it happens again. If it’s a customer service issue, you may want to have a conversation with your employees or consider some extra training on how to handle tough situations.
  8. Let the Good Times Roll – Responding to good reviews is just as important as responding to bad ones. If a customer goes out of their way to leave a compliment on your page, make sure you thank them for taking that time. Frequently responding to good reviews in a timely manner helps you build relationships and a strong base of returning customers. After all, the easiest customer to get is the one you already have!Customer survey feedback

Now that you know how to manage future reviews, take some time to look at the current reviews on your page. Read through all your reviews, good and bad, and make sure you respond to them all in the appropriate way. Also, take note of any complaints or problems that customers brought up, and ask yourself what you’ve done to address those issues. A successful owner must always look for ways to improve their business, and reading reviews is a great place to start.

Managing and responding to all your online reviews and customer comments can take up a lot of time, time you don’t want to take away from running your business. If that’s the case, you may want to hire someone to handle your online customer management. Social Media Marketing Experts have experience in managing online reviews and comments, leaving you more time to focus on making money for your business. If you’d like to learn more about reputation management, or need someone to help you manage your online presence, contact our team at NetSource Technologies or give us a call at 1-800-709-3240.



The design team at NetSource Technologies is excited to launch a new website for TurboBid Construction Estimating Software. This custom-built website redesign project helped create a mobile-friendly E-Commerce website that will give TurboBid a bold online presence in their industry.

Using ProductCart 5.0 technology, this custom website is full of unique features that will allow TurboBid to provide their customers with a better user experience. The website presents information about the company, pricing, features, and much more, all in a visually-appealing and mobile responsive design.

turbobid1 […]

The expert design team at NetSource Technologies recently launched, a new custom-designed website for The Centers, Inc., a private, non-profit organization providing a full range of mental health, recovery support, and child safety services to the residents of Citrus County and Marion County, Florida.

As part of their rebranding strategy, The Centers needed a new website that could improve their overall user experience. Their new website design makes it easier for visitors to find information, navigate the site, and access The Centers’ social media pages.

The Centers’ new website was designed specifically to meet the unique needs of their industry. The website allows visitors to access downloadable PDFs for intake forms, as well as make online donations to the organization with an easy-to-use form.  Website visitors can now learn all about The Centers’ services, locations, and access their downloadable apps for mobile devices.

NetSource Technologies is an award-winning web design, hosting, e-commerce and consulting company that has been serving Ocala and clients nationwide since 1995. Visit their web site at for more information on their services and to view additional client web sites.

The NetSource design team is excited to announce the launch of, a new E-Commerce website for the Honeybee Collection, an online boutique for affordable fine jewelry.

Honeybee Collection carries classic women’s jewelry with a modern twist. Their newly upgraded website gives users the ability to search for all their favorite pieces including bracelets, diamond bands, earrings, necklaces and more.honeybeescreenshot


addyawardsOcala, Florida – March 28, 2016

Every year, NetSource Technologies participates in the annual American Advertising Awards (ADDYS), the nation’s largest advertising competition. This year’s awards gala event was held on February 26th in Gainesville, Florida at the University Air Center.

Over the past 20 years, NetSource has received recognition from the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for their success in professional web design, and this year was no exception. At the 2015 gala held last month, NetSource brought home for 4 awards for their unique designs, including 1 gold and 3 silver ADDYs.

NetSource’s award-winning design team has now accumulated over 64 awards for excellence in logo design, advertising, interactive design, mobile app development, and collateral material. With a team of web designers, programmers, and online marketing experts, NetSource has built professional websites for both local and national businesses, including Easton Footwear, Tempur-Pedic, PAAS, and more.

The 2015 AAF Gainesville Award Winners Were:

Gold ADDY: Daniel Green Slippers/ L.B. Evans Slippers / Tempur-Pedic Ecommerce Website

Silver ADDY: NADTA Trade Show Special Postcard

Silver ADDY: Nash Plumbing and Mechanical Website

Silver ADDY: Netsource Technologies Website

For more information on NetSource Technologies, visit their website

For many business owners, your business’s Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, might as well be your annoying younger sibling. It’s always bothering you and you’d rather ignore it than try to understand what it’s talking about.

However, ignoring your SEO is NOT the right decision. No matter how hard you try to pretend it doesn’t exist, SEO makes a huge difference in driving potential customers to your website.

Simferopol, Russia - July 13 2014: Google biggest Internet search engine. domain was registered September 15, 1997.


Our design team here at NetSource Technologies is excited to announce the launch of a new custom-built website for Ocala Gran Prix.



Ocala Gran Prix is a nationally renowned Karting facility that has a full service kart and engine shop. Their new custom website uses our SiteSource 3 content management system (CMS), allowing the Ocala Gran Prix staff to easily manage all their pages and content. The website also has an online Kart Store powered by ProductCart Live, our hosted e-commerce solution, that will allow users to shop for all their favorite Ocala Gran Prix gear. […]