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Today Google announced a new feature that will let search users see whether or not the site they’re about to click on is “mobile-friendly.”

Now, you’re probably asking “what does mobile-friendly mean?”

Well, Google says that a site needs to meet the following criteria in order to be labeled as mobile-friendly:

  • Avoids software that is not compatible with mobile devices (i.e. Flash)

  • Text is easily readable without needing to be zoomed in

  • Content is sized to fit your screen so that your users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom

  • Links are displayed in a way that can be easily clicked on

mobile friendly search result example

To learn more about Mobile and Responsive Web Design, you can explore the following articles:

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If you’re unsure whether or not you site is mobile-friendly, and want to be sure you can offer the best user experience on mobile, call us today at 352-732-7700.

What is your name?

Ryan Thayil

Do you have any nicknames?

Nope, although at my last job there was another guy named Ryan, so I was always
Ryan T.

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ppc adsWhat Is It?

The Quality Score is a number from 1-10 that is assigned to each keyword in a Pay-Per-Click (example: Google AdWords) campaign. The Quality Score is about relevancy; it assesses the quality of the relationship between the ad copy and landing page and the keyword that you would like to advertise on.

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woman typing at computerMany business owners who work with digital advertising agencies still want to write some or all of their own website content. Your agency can set up a Content Management System (CMS) for your website that makes posting on your website just as easy as writing a letter in a Microsoft Word document. [click to continue…]

Congratulations to Emily, Winner of This Year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest!

October 31, 2014

Congratulations to Emily for winning the 5th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest! Voters loved her depiction of Carnage. Thank you to all our contest entrants and to everyone who voted. We are already looking forward to next year’s awesome entries!  

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VOTE NOW! NetSource’s 5th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

October 29, 2014

We’re so excited to share with you our annual pumpkin creations!  Will the Design team redeem themselves this year? Or will the Sales team continue their winning streak? Vote below in the COMMENTS and tell us your favorite pumpkin.  Voting will close at noon EST on Halloween, with the winner announced that afternoon!  

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Three Social Media Tips for Manufacturers

October 29, 2014

The business-to-business world, including manufacturing, has been slow to jump on the social media bandwagon. Even when manufacturers participate in other forms of digital marketing, they may not see how social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Facebook can help them achieve their branding and revenue generation objectives. However, when managed well, [...]

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PPC Minute: Maximum Cost-per-Click (Max. CPC)

October 27, 2014

What Is It? The highest amount you are willing to pay for a click on your pay-per-click ad for a particular keyword. Important Caveat The value you set for your Max. CPC is not necessarily, and in most cases is not, the amount you will actually pay for a click on your ad. Average CPC [...]

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Team Profile: Rachaelle Lynn

October 21, 2014

What is your name? Rachaelle Lynn Do you have any nicknames? Some family members call me Shell

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Search Campaigns vs. Display Campaigns

October 13, 2014

Google AdWords accounts have many options for advertising your product and services. One of the first things you’ll need to consider is what type of campaign (or campaigns) you would like to run. It’s important to understand the differences between the various campaign types so you can get the most from your advertising budget. Two [...]

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Upgrading to Universal Analytics

September 17, 2014

On April 2, 2014, Google officially released Universal Analytics, a new tracking code created to replace their Classic Analytics tracking code. According to Google, the Classic Analytics tracking code will continue to function for two years from the release of Universal Analytics; however, being proactive in upgrading will help ensure you don’t lose any Google [...]

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Team Profile: Brandon Boudreau

September 8, 2014

What is your name? Brandon Boudreau Do you have any nicknames? No nicknames

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